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Check Dillards Gift Card Balance online, over the phone or in store. Gift card merchant Dillards provides you a gift card balance check, the information is below for this gift card company. All questions or issues regarding your Dillards gift card or gift card balance should be directed to the company who issued you the gift card and or Dillards. This site is not affiliated with any gift cards or gift card merchants listed on this site.

Gift Card Balance By Phone: 1-800-269-5826 Gift Card Balance Online: No Merchant URL Found Gift Card Balance In Store: You Can Check Balance In Store! Gift Card Merchant: Update this gift card merchant

Dillards Gift Card Comments

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Ticked Customer06/17/2014

Not being able to access the gift card balance either by phone or online is a crock.


I just called the number 800-345-5273. A nice lady answered on first ring and gave me balance. Easy!


Thanks Vanessa. I used the number you provided 800-345-5273 and it worked. Customer service rep was very nice.

Ginny Knarr12/17/2013

Not being able to access the value of a gift card on line is ridiculous!!!!! You are forcing people to come to YOUR store! Well, I will drop by to DUMP this card but there will be no other visit by me! This is poor business & whom ever thought it up should be fired as it will cost YOU in the end!

Tammy S12/09/2013

I think it is awful that you have to go into the store to get your balance due to I work two jobs and do not have the time to go do this. My boss gave me this givecard a while back and I have not had a chance to use it.


You can check your gift card balance for Dillards at this number. 1-800-345-5273 The number on my card was out of service. I spoke to a nice lady on the 2nd ring.

Rita bo bita09/07/2013

We dont have a dillards here--one hour away and i found a gift card that i dont remember if i used it all--so im supp to drive 1 hour to chk my balance?? I always did love tj maxx more--pls dont buy me dillards cards--they just want to force you into store hoping you will buy more--backfired!!


I was thrilled to get a Dillard's gift card and just wanted to check my balance so I could think about what I might like to purchase. I called the number on the card to be told you cannot get the balance over the phone so I went online. Turns out you cannot get your balance online. I am sorry about this as I would like to have been able to make a decision before going to the store about what I would use the card for. I shop quite a lot at Dillard's. I found this surprising.


I too think that not being able to check ur balance online is BS! No one wants to drive to the store just to hear their balance. They do this because they think its a "profit maker"...think about it, you go into the store and of course check your card, but oops..not enuff money on that gift card so I will just buy it cause it's such a deal, when it's NOT!!!! Dillards you need to re-think your marketing stratagies!


So I can't check online or by phone?!? What a rip off...the only way to check is by driving to the other side of town and going in-store...SAD

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