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Burger King Gift Card Balance Check - Check Balance on Burger King Gift Card

Burger King Gift Card Balance Check

Check Burger King Gift Card Balance online, over the phone or in store. Gift card merchant Burger King provides you a gift card balance check, the information is below for this gift card company. All questions or issues regarding your Burger King gift card or gift card balance should be directed to the company who issued you the gift card and or Burger King. This site is not affiliated with any gift cards or gift card merchants listed on this site.

Gift Card Balance By Phone: 1-800-522-1278 Gift Card Balance Online: Check Balance Online Gift Card Balance In Store: You Can Check Balance In Store! Gift Card Merchant: Update this gift card merchant

Burger King Gift Card Comments

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Gordon Broomfield01/22/2015

Can't get balance by phone or online. Crappy system.


very hard to get balance, go on phone it says go to computer, went to computer still couldn't get balance if BK wants to sell gift cards why make getting the balance so hard

ron caulton01/02/2015

I bought a bk gift card from cvs went to use it at bk and they said 0 balance cvs shows card was activated called the 800# they say go to the web site I went online entered the card #s and nothing comes up the website is garbage and customer service # is bogus what is this a scam burger better refund my money or I'll file a law suit mo matter how much money it is better yet all you people need to report this to your state attorney generals office

john b.12/30/2014

The very bad thing anyone can get today is to buy a burger king gift card. Burger king just makes these cards to steel people money. They are lying even with the phone # on the card. If you don't lose your money yet,be careful. They are so many gift card you can give to somebody. Don't buy burger king.

laura christy11/27/2014

I called the number on the back of my bk gift card. was told to go to the website. I did this and have not been able to get my balance. I use lots of gift cards and can always call the # on the back of the card to get my balance. Burger King is the only exception. This will be the last Burger King card I will purchase due to this problem. I was told I could not use this card if it was not for the total amount of the order.

mary hall07/23/2014

I live in california. I tried to use my card which I rec'd as a gift from Omaha, and they said they don't have internet, so it won't work. Checked on line and it say's the card is good. What good is it, if you can't use at any BK.????

Michael Hess06/25/2014

The phone number listed says to check card balance online.I entered every number on card to no avail.When emailing to customer service there is an "error".The worst experience ever with getting a gift card balance. Terrible! I guess I'll have to drive ten miles to nearest location to get balance.

ann marie palcich06/06/2014

The number you give on the back of the gift card (1-800-522-1278) will not give you a balance-it says to "go online for balance" - I don't have a cell phone as I can't afford it. I had to go to a friend's computer to get the balance two weeks later as I am not rich and don't carry a computer in my car. Not too handy when I was in Cleveland for a medical appointment, my glucose level dropped and I called to see if I had anything left on this card and was told to go on a computor. I was 65 miles away from home so I had to go to a grocery store to get a protein item instead of driving to the local Bking by Cleveland Clinic - not too safe for me. If you arr going to offer an 800 number for info use then make sure its available; I had just enough money left to pay my turnpke tolls to get home thank you for the inconvienence. amp

Cheryl McClendon04/19/2014

I have two gift cards with 15 dollars on each of them I tried to use them but every time they Tell me the cards won't go through the money is on there I checked them online and the funds are on there I have been trying since Christmas time

mary kingseed02/28/2014

we go there a lot. love it. never never have trouble with cards

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