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Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Balance Check - Check Balance on Dunkin Donuts Gift Card

Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Balance Check

Check Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Balance online, over the phone or in store. Gift card merchant Dunkin Donuts provides you a gift card balance check, the information is below for this gift card company. All questions or issues regarding your Dunkin Donuts gift card or gift card balance should be directed to the company who issued you the gift card and or Dunkin Donuts. This site is not affiliated with any gift cards or gift card merchants listed on this site.

Gift Card Balance By Phone: 1-800-447-0013 Gift Card Balance Online: Check Balance Online Gift Card Balance In Store: You Can Check Balance In Store! Gift Card Merchant: Update this gift card merchant

Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Comments

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J. rumsey01/01/2014

received card as gift. checked balance of UNUSED card. says 0 balance. DO NOT buy DD gift cards

j. rumsey01/01/2014

0. balance on unused card


use $25 card once for sandwitch n coffee next time sandwitch and coffee came up .29 short whats up with this cannot get ant help y


I had a $25 gift card, used it twice for less than $5 each time - now the balance is zero. That's crazy.


i am trying to open the link to check my balance for two of my gift cards. i have been trying for at least 10 minutes. it still says its loading. fix this please! i am not happy at all.


This is a HUGE ripoff.

jerry firewood07/10/2011

i just got a $15 card, i went to dd to use the bathroom. they said i had to buy something. so i bought a donut. my wife wanted to buy something and she couldnt because my balance was $0. i had just bought the card. i need my money back please.


I received a DD gift card of at least $10 from my employer. I bought 2 donuts the first time. About a month later I wanted to buy 2 donuts again and I was told the card was 30 cents short! I went to their website trying to check the history and the website was down! Then I called the customer service and it was closed. This was on a Saturday morning. I will tell my employer about this so that next time my bonus will not be wasted.


I used my $15 card for 2 small drinks and 2 muffins. When I used it the 2nd time, was told there was a zero balance. How can this be? How can it be resolved?


I have a number of DD cards and Ive been tring to register them. Your site keeps coming up that you have trouble with. I have one thats an auto but my info changed the 1st of the year and I can't get in to change it. Can you help me

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